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… because no one can replace mom! Sometimes a woman gets pregnant under unfavourable conditions, and finds herself in a difficult situation she couldn’t handle on her own. However, thanks to right help at the right time, she can become a loving and caring mother regardless of her past.

Radka is pregnant; she will give birth in a few weeks. “I did not grow up with parents like other children,” she says of herself. “I was first placed in the infant care, and then my foster parents gave me home. I was about two years old then. Everything was fine for a while, but during my puberty, things began to go south. Troubles piled up, and I could not stay with the foster family anymore. At the age of 15, I started living in the institutional care.”

Radka successfully trained to be a cook, and now she will have to leave the institutional care. She can’t return to her foster parent even though they are still helping her. Also, she never met her biological parents. “But I’m not alone anymore. I’m with a baby. I look forward to having him, and I want to give him a better start than I had, “says Radka. “I want to secure a home where the two of us can live together. However, I don’t have enough money.” That’s why Radka turned to the assisting organization called Amalthea. With the help of social workers, she is now preparing for the arrival of her child, learns to manage her family budget, and she found what she needed the most – a flat near the foster parents. She asked the foundation for financial assistance in furnishing apartment and buying the baby equipment.

Together we will move Prague and support the project for pregnant women in need to help mothers like Radka to stay with their children and children to remain in the safe arms of moms!