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… because no one can replace mom! Sometimes a woman gets pregnant under unfavourable conditions, and finds herself in a difficult situation she couldn’t handle on her own. However, thanks to the right help at the right time, she can become a loving and caring mother regardless of her past.

Seventeen-year-old Zuzana was growing up without a family since she was ten years old. She has had hardly any good memories of her home. Zuzana became pregnant unexpectedly shortly after starting seeing Marek. Now she is on “an official leave” from the children’s care home where she grew up and prepares for the maternal role living together with Marek’s family. A social welfare officer suggested contacting the “In the Beginning” project run, with support of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, by a non-governmental organization Amalthea. Project workers helped Zuzana to deal with legal issues and paperwork connected with the birth of her baby. Thanks to their guidance, Zuzana resumed contact with her mother. Together, they are working on forgiveness and healing. The future grandmother is looking forward to meeting her grandson and getting involved in taking care of him. The project workers helped young parents learn how to take care and provide for the baby, plan their finances and run a household. Together, they have already decided on a name and are excited about the baby’s arrival. Zuzana believes that she will prove herself in her new role and that, with the support of her loved ones, she will give her son a stable and loving family background she never had.

Together we will move Prague and support the project for pregnant women in need to help mothers to stay with their children and children to remain in the safe arms of moms!