I want to help abused children to find their way out of hell

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because unfortunately, some children have to live through more than they can bear. Speaking up is not easy, but it is necessary that the children know where to ask for help. Psychologists and therapists help children who are abused, sexually abused, neglected and endangered by domestic violence, to find their way back to a happy childhood.

“When Dad left us, it was hard. Mom just kept was still crying. Then she started to come home late and sometimes she didn’t come at all,” says 14-year-old Petra. “Once I forgot to put away my plate. As a punishment, I had to scrub the kitchen; I slipped and dropped a glass to the floor. The shards flew across the kitchen. My mother had an angry outburst and slapped me, and I fell and felt the shards cutting into my hand. I couldn’t even cry when she kicked me. She left me in the kitchen and slammed the door behind her. I knew she wouldn’t come till late at night, drunk. I rinsed the blood and carefully pulled the shards from my hand. I was used to pain; the hell that I felt inside me was much worse.

I remembered the pictures I saw on Facebook. Supposedly, if someone has a similar problem, they could call or come to the Children’s Crisis Center. I needed to confide in someone. I found on the Internet that I could go there alone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, without my parents and without making an appointment. When I rang the door, I felt I couldn’t breathe. But a lovely lady was waiting upstairs, and at that moment, I broke and just cried and cried. She comforted me, and I felt safe and understanding. Gradually, I was able to tell her what happened. I felt relieved, and first of all, understood by someone who listened to me and who cared. I was not alone in my misery anymore.”

Together we will move Prague and help children break through the vicious circle of suffering!