I want to help children from the institutional care to enjoy a happy childhood

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because the orphanage teddy bear is simply not enough for a happy childhood. Children from care homes lack often lack a long-term relationship, exclusive attention that is only devoted to them, and experiences that create a fulfilled childhood.

Photos from the holidays, songs around the campfire, trips to the zoo or a hike to the lookout tower… Do you find it ordinary? Children from institutional care homes do not. Just as their peers, they need to take away memories, they need attention that helps them to develop harmoniously. Every day they fight for love, recognition and their place in society. This is why the Tereza Maxová Foundation helps them to enjoy field trips, great leisure activities and holidays as they deserve – not to be deprived of beautiful shaping experiences that we all cherish for a lifetime. Leisure programs and educational stays allow them to spend time outside the orphanage without the presence of the educators – aunts and uncles – they are in contact with all year round and to find new friends outside the care home.

“At the end of my summer camp last year, I had only one big wish – for it all to happen again. And this dream will come true, because thanks to the Tereza Maxová Foundation, I will go to the camp again this year,” Patrik wrote to us. “We will go swimming and cook stew. We are already looking forward to that so much,” writes Radek.

It is not just about education, promoting self-reliance and developing skills. It is also about a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of uniqueness and self-confidence that will help children live a fulfilled life in the future and successfully establish their own stable family. This chance is what the children get together with the gift of a happy childhood.

Together we will move Prague and help children from infant care homes to find an exclusive relationship with a loving person and to enjoy experiences that create a base to a fulfilled childhood!