I want to help children to return from the institutional care back to the family

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because children who grew up in a family environment have a better chance to succeed in life and create their own happy family than those who grew up in institutional care.

Dáša was abandoned for the first time when her mother moved to the Czech Republic and left her daughter in the care of her relatives in the home country. Dáša was able to move in with her mom when she turned twelve, but after the break-up of her relationship, her mother disappeared abroad. Once again, Dáša was alone, this time in a foreign country. She had to stay with the family of her schoolmate and skipped school. After staying in a rehabilitation institute for foreigners, Dáša was placed in the Czech children’s care home. It wasn’t easy for her because of the language barrier. She felt alienated, and the more she sought contact with people from her homeland, the less she communicated with her peers and educators.

She gradually rekindled her relationship with her mother, who returned to the Czech Republic to be close to her and started taking Dáša home for weekends. Their relationship was initially very complicated. It was hard to learn to trust someone who has failed you many times – especially if it’s the one person who was supposed to be closest to you. Feeling lost and insecure, Dáša tried to create her own life rules and fought against authorities in the family and in the orphanage. Thanks to the long-term series of meetings between a therapist, the mothers and the daughter, the relationship slowly began to improve. Dáša likes playing the guitar, and the instrument helps her realize her own value and abilities. She was given an official leave permit from the care home, and she learns to live with her family, trust her mother and respect the rules of cohabitation. Similarly, her mom learns to understand and address the needs of her daughter. After a year of family therapy, Dáša spent the summer holidays with her mom and little brother, and if everything goes well, she is about to celebrate the next Christmas together with them, living permanently in her newfound home.

Together we will move Prague and make sure more children found their way home from the institutional care!