I want to help families in difficult situations

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because a crisis doesn’t have to mean a collapse of the family. If parents love their children and want to provide for them, it is wrong to tear the family apart for social reasons.

Karolína’s health problems have been haunting her life. Early on, doctors told her that she would not be able to have children, and so she found her purpose in raising two sons of her partner. “I raised them from the age of eight. There was some getting used to each other, but today, when they’ve grown up, they’ll tell me they see me as their mom,” says Karolína. “That makes me very happy.” After a while, a tumour appeared on her neck, diagnosed as malignant. Karolína underwent surgery and became unexpectedly pregnant during treatment. She refused to give up her longed-for baby, even though she was worried about the child’s health. Beloved daughter Simona was born with a hearing impairment; otherwise, she was healthy. Both parents were very happy.

Karolína’s marriage did not last; her partner left her for another woman. Karolína took care not only of her daughter but also of her ailing father. When he died, she moved into a new rental home, and a found a job as an assistant teacher. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, had undergone radiotherapy, and started losing stability during her illness. When she collapsed several times in the classroom, she had to leave her job. Today, she is entirely dependent on social welfare and parental alimony. “I’m trying to put aside money for my daughter, but she always tells me, don’t worry about me, mom, what’s important for me is to stay with you,” says Karolína, who desperately wants to be able to provide Simona with a stable home and a happy life, like her peers have. Karolína found a new, cheaper rental home to move into. In a difficult situation, she turned to the Tereza Maxová Foundation for help.

Together we will move Prague and help the families to stay together!