I want to help mothers from shelter homes to start again

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because improving the lives of mothers means giving their children a better future. We support mothers to help them rebuild their lives upon leaving the shelter home, teach them how to plan and manage the family budget, how to avoid cumulating debts.

“When we met, I haven’t realized that my boyfriend was a jealous manipulator,” says Dana. “We have spent our first weekend together, and when I returned home, a whirlwind of text messages followed. And it was like that every time.” The meetings were more frequent, and Dana soon became pregnant. When she lost her job because of her maternity leave, she wasn’t able to keep her flat anymore. They moved in together and lived with her inlaws. At that time, her partner became jealous and possessive, forbade Dana to talk to strangers. When he wasn’t around, Dana was not allowed to leave the house. Once their daughter was born, they moved on, ending in a hostel for a while where their second daughter was born.

The new apartment did not solve the problems. Dana’s partner mentally abused her, blaming her for not being unable to take care of herself and her kids. Physical attacks escalated. Worried that he would hurt their daughters, Dana contacted social workers and asked for refuge in the shelter home. But her partner refused to let the children go, so Dana returned home to her family. “More apologies and promises followed,” says Dana. “But the last straw for me was when he said he would kill me. I secretly packed things and left the house with the kids in the middle of the night.” Today Dana lives with her daughters in a shelter home and, with the support of social workers, tries to forget about the ugly past and find her own way. She is preparing for a fresh start and realizing that she was indeed stronger than she thought, able to take care of her children on her own. She has been involved in a program that helps mothers find work and living, and believes she will provide her family with a new, stable home.

Together we will move Prague and help mothers from shelter homes to put their life back on track!