I want to help to heal wounded souls of the orphanage - and foster care raised children

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because the early life emotional deprivation, separation from family, loss of support and collapse of the world as you have known it leaves scars in the fragile child’s soul, wounds that take a lifetime to heal. Psychotherapy helps children from institutional care and foster care to cope with these experiences.

Peter’s mother did not manage to take care of the children, so the grandmother gradually took over the responsibility for caring for all the siblings. It was especially hard for him when Peter’s little sister Sara joined the household two years ago; she was neglected and required constant attention. Peter, who was very much attached to his grandmother, lost his status as the youngest child just as another life change came – he became a first-grader. He struggled to make friends, he was aggressive, distrustful, and he failed to establish a positive relationship with the class teacher.

After a death in her family, her grandmother suffered some health problems. Eventually, she had to go to the hospital, and the social services briefly placed the kids in the shelter home for children. Afraid of losing their grandma, they didn’t know if they would ever return home. Today they live with their grandmother again and use psychotherapy to help them cope with the difficulties they have experienced. Through individual meetings with a psychotherapist, Péter learns to manage his emotions and be more independent. The boy is now calmer, can concentrate and his school results improve. He made new friends and gradually opened to his peers.

Together we will move Prague and help to give children’s stories a happier ending!