I want to help young people from the orphanage study

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because each person has a unique potential and deserves to be supported in their dreams and plans. Investing in the education of disadvantaged young people is the best investment for their future.

Roman came to the children’s care home at the age of eight. “If you grow up in institutional care, people will depreciate you; they will treat you as someone who has his destiny already lined up. That’s my experience. That’s why I started working hard on proving myself. I used to be ashamed of being a kid from the children’s care home. Over time, I realized that it opened up a lot of possibilities,” says Roman. “Since I was fifteen, I have been working for part-time jobs, I completed a bachelor’s degree in business law, and I have found an internship in a Prague law firm. I continue studying for my master’s degree, and one day, I would like to gain experience abroad. Many of my predecessors did not do well after leaving the children’s home. They gave up their dreams and settled down on a thought that somehow they will kame ends meet. I would like to be a role model for young people, to motivate them and to show them that they do not have to accept a label and that it pays off to study. If I made it, others can, too.”

Together we will move Prague and help young people fulfil their dreams of education!