I want to help young people to find their place in the world

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because everyone deserves support to realize their potential. Young people in care do not suffer material hardship, but they lack love and role models of their family and also an opportunity to gain practical experience. We help them to find their feet and successfully start their productive life.

“The lives of my educators, my uncles and aunts in the orphanage, served as an inspiration for a better life was for me,” says Natálie, who was taken from her family and placed in the care home with her siblings. “There were four of us, and it made it easier t to deal with the situation, even though we were sad. Suddenly, we had what we did not have before at home, including the attention that our care home uncles and aunts gave us. I graduated from high school; I’m finishing my master’s degree now. If someone had told me this before, I wouldn’t believe him. What I was most afraid of was leaving the orphanage. I was afraid whether I would be able to find a good job, an apartment and I how I will manage. I went to work part-time to save money during my studies, but I was still really stressed. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone. There was the foundation, many good people, educators and siblings.”

The Tereza Maxová Foundation supported Natálie during her studies and is now is going to help her start her own life. “I would be grateful especially for the help with the apartment furbishing, which is financially demanding. I really mean it when I say that I wouldn’t have graduated without such support, had not gone through such personal development, had not gained a lot of experience, and I wouldn’t be doing this well right now. I’ve always wanted my kids to experience a better life than I had, and now I believe I can give them that.”

Together we will move Prague and help disadvantaged young people to take their life in their own hands!