I want to support foster care and adoption

by editorwebu
1 year ago

… because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, caring, accepting family environment. So if the biological family fails them, it’s wonderful that abandoned children can find people with big hearts who would give them a foster home.

The foster mother Šárka was born as an only child. Her parents, however, had love to give aw, so they decided to raise many children from the orphanage. “Thanks to this I have fifteen siblings today, and I am very happy,” says Šárka. “I knew since I was a kid that I wanted to help children myself. My husband and I also wanted to give love to children who didn’t have a chance to grow up in a family environment. After the 20th wedding anniversary, we brought four siblings from a children’s care home into the family where our three children were growing up. The big family brings great joys and worries. It requires tolerance and mutual respect. But it also gives you lots of unforgettable moments, adventures, joys and smiles that you can only experience together. We are grateful to all who helped us on our family journey.”

Other children are also waiting for the miracle – a family that would give them love and care. A safe home where they would be surrounded by their loved ones, their toys and books. A safe haven where they can make their memories to take onto their life journey, and where they can return. Support with us foster family care and the Adopce.com project, which facilitates and guides those interested in adopting or fostering children throughout the legal process.

Together we will move Prague and help to make sure more abandoned children would find a loving home!